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just somethings i did on the computer!



[x] I can learn a lot of things
[ ] I find brown to be a nice color
[ ] I prefer fur over scales
[ ] I find myself to be a normal person
[ ] I bore people sometimes
[x] History class was/is interesting!
[ ] I just need/have/will get a car for transportation, not style.
- Score: 2

[x] I can start a campfire (For the most part, yes.)
[ ] I prefer hot weather to cold weather
[x] Fireworks are awesome!
[x] I love/or would like to learn to grill or cook with fire
[ ] I have a temper
[ ] I have researched pyrotechnics
[ ] I want to vacation in the desert
Score: 3

[ ] I love swimming (love is a strong word...)
[x] I find aquabiology interesting
[ ] I rather go to the beach than any other vacation area
[ ] I drink water instead of other drinks
[x] I love long showers
[x] Sharks are cool, not dangerous! We humans are ignorant of their nature! (I think and know Sharks are dangerous but I still like them.)
[x] I like it when it rains
- Score: 4

[x] I enjoy playing with magnets
[ ] Chemistry is interesting
[ ] I prefer electric guitars over acoustic ones
[x] I love stormy weather
[ ] I like playing with static electricity
[ ] I can work a computer better than most people.
[ ] Electronic stores are my favorite!
- Score: 2

[ ] I have a Green Thumb (NOT AT ALL....But I wish I had one though...)
[ ] I enjoy mowing the lawn
[ ] Botany and plant Biology is (are) interesting
[x] No more cutting down trees!
[x] I recycle
[x] I especially enjoy flowers (I like to draw them mostly.)
[ ] Summer is my favorite season
- Score: 3

[x] I prefer cold drink rather than hot drinks
[ ] I love snowy weather (I live in a place where it never snows...)
[ ] I rather go skiing than go to the beach
[ ] I rather ice skate than swim
[ ] I don't know how to start a campfire
[x] I prefer my room to be cold at night when I sleep
- Score: 3

[ ] I like to arm wrestle
[ ] I still/want/use to take karate lessons
[ ] I have gotten into a fight and won (I've never been a legitimate fight.)
[ ] I workout often
[ ] I like energy drinks!
[ ] Sports are a big part of my life
[/] I drift away from unhealthy foods (I will eat anything you put in front of me.)
- Score: 0.5

[ ] I find Chemistry interesting
[/] I've been bit by a venomous creature/bug (Does petting one count?)
[x] Poisonous plants/animals are cool and interesting
[ ] I spiked somebody's drink before
[x] I enjoy sour candies
[x] I'm not afraid of spiders
[ ] I'm immune to poison ivy/oak
- Score: 3.5

[x] I find Geography or Earth Science interesting
[ ] I would love to mine for gold or precious stones/metals
[ ] I like using a metal detector
[ ] I prefer stone floors over wood floors
[ ] I like playing/going outdoors
[x] I love potatoes
- Score: 2

[ ] I get excited about going to the airport/riding a plane
[ ] Windy weather is awesome
[x] Birds are interesting
[x] I like to watch clouds and see what shape they are
[x] I want to/have went skydiving
[x] I have flown in my dreams
[ ] I prefer seeing clear, blue skies than any other weather
- Score: 4

[x] I can detect emotions out of others well (I would think so....)
[ ] I think I'm pretty logical/smart
[ ] I believe psychics are real
[x] I can seem emotional/bipolar sometimes (Emotioal)
[ ] Philosophy is an interesting subject
[x] I can do magic tricks (I can only do two magic tricks)
[x] I love watching stars and astronomy
- Score: 4

[x] I consider myself physically fragile
[ ] I love going outdoors
[x] I find myself to be a small person
[ ] Entomology is interesting
[ ] I can't start a campfire
[?] Buzz buzz
[x] I'm not afraid of spiders
- Score: 3

[x] I'm hard headed and stubborn
[ ] I consider myself strong/muscular
[x] Rock climbing is awesome
[ ] I rather have a brick house than a log cabin
[x] Geography and Earth Science is interesting
[x] I would love to go cave exploring
[/] I love rock music (Love is a very strong word...)
- Score: 4.5

[ ] I believe in ghosts
[ ] I have been or would like to go ghost investigating
[ ] I've had a paranormal experience happen to me
[ ] I believe in mediums
[ ] Halloween is my favorite holiday
[ ] I enjoy Tim Burton films
[ ] I enjoy things others would find creepy/bizzare
- Score: 0

[x] I can learn a lot of things
[x] Stormy weather is awesome
[ ] I hate cold weather
[x] I can start a campfire
[ ] I consider myself well-rounded
[x] I prefer scales over fur
[x] I have had/have/or would like to own a reptilian pet
- Score: 5

[ ] I wear black a lot
[ ] I enjoy metal music
[ ] Halloween is my favorite holiday
[ ] I sleep in total darkness
[x] I'm not afraid of the dark
[x] I stay up late at night
[x] I love hide n' go seek! (Only if it's in the dark.)
- Score: 3

[ ] I can work with mechanics
[x] I'm pretty stubborn
[ ] I'm interested in guns and weapons
[ ] I'm attracted to shiny things!
[ ] I love metal jewelry and rings
[ ] I enjoy metal music
[ ] I drink plenty out of aluminum cans
- Score: 1

So.... I'M A DRAGON POKEMON!!!!!!!!!


United States
I LOVE GOD WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! i hate make-up with pasion! i love drawing manga-stye and i have been doing art for as along as i can remember!

Favourite style of art: i love ALL art

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